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Leaving the job plan and paperwork at the office?

An easy mistake to make, right?

Imagine this; you are working on a small site in a public area with little to no site office.

You’re the supervisor for the day; once at the location, you realise that you’ve misplaced the job plan and paperwork, leaving it at home.

What are the potential implications of this for the day's productivity and the team's safety on-site?

A real-life example of this occurred on a construction site* in Auckland, New Zealand, in July last year.

“The job plan and paperwork had been left at home by the supervisor, and the workers were not briefed about the known buried cable.”

“The worker was lucky to be alive after ploughing a steel rod through a live electrical cable underground.”

Suppose there was a way that site-specific information could quickly and easily be shared with all stakeholders involved. In that case, this could have prevented a potentially life-threatening situation from unfolding in the first place.

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* Original article by Michael Neilson, Social issues reporter, NZ Herald

How SiteConnect Can Solve These Issues 

SiteConnect’s clever total site and risk management mobile app is available for all workers at the coal face. Giving all involved in potentially dangerous roles the ability to engage, communicate and stay informed. On top of this, use SiteConnect to store all documents so that they can be shared and easily opened across the job site straight from your mobile device.

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