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Is your staff training up-to-date?
Are your staff trained to a standard that keeps you compliant with the HSWA 2015?

Training your staff is one of the essential components of your Health & Safety Management Programme. It will be one of the first questions asked should one of your employees or contractors have a severe accident on your site.

Download our Staff Training PDF brochure here.

Are your staff adequately trained in the tasks they are carrying out?
  • When were your staff last trained?
  • Do you have the right people training your staff?
  • Are they good communicators and respected by the people they are training?
  • Is adequate training being given, or do you need outside expert help, especially in high-risk areas?
  • Do your staff hold the appropriate licenses or certifications to be carrying out the tasks they are doing?

Do you have task analysis or safe work procedures for high-risk tasks your staff are carrying out?
  • If not, why not?
  • Have all your staff who are carrying out these tasks been taken through the task analysis or safe work procedure?
  • Have they signed and dated the document when they were trained?
  • When were your task analysis or safe work procedures last reviewed and updated?

Are you documenting your training?
  • Are you keeping records of your task analysis or safe work procedures and when they are next due for review?
  • Are you keeping records of your staff training?
  • Do you know when training is expired and needs to be renewed?
  • Can you confidently produce the required documentation should you need to if you are investigated?
How much is untrained staff costing your business or could it cost you in the future?
  • Inefficient use of time
  • Dangerous practices being used
  • Untrained personnel who are putting your business at risk
  • Costs involved in an investigation or shut down of your business should a severe accident occur

Fully utilsing the SiteConnect Web Portal & Mobile App will help you stay compliant with the HSWA 2015.

Call us on Freephone 0800 748 763 and speak to our in-house Health & Safety Advisor, Theresa Harper, for more information on how she can help you to stay compliant with the HSWA 2015.


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