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Communication! How essential is it?
The HSWA 2015 was designed to get everyone communicating so that we can all go home safely to our families at the end of each working day.

 Are we communicating and ensuring that our workers are safe?  It appears not.

 Last week Perry Metal Protection Limited and Total Access Limited  were fined $227,500 and $165,00 respectively and ordered to pay reparation of $34,000 each to the affected parties after failing to discuss risks from hazardous chemicals which caused serious burns to two of Total Access's workers. Click here for full details.

These injuries could have been avoided had the two companies communicated more efficiently and carried out a thorough review of the hazards they were exposing these workers too.

So come on everyone let's get communicating so that the HSWA 2015 can work for all of us. And what better way to do that then by using technology.  

SiteConnect have all the tools you need in one great app.  You can:

  • Log Toolbox talks - it is so simple that you can talk to your phone and it will type out what was discussed for you.
  • Carry out an inspection and create tasks as you go assigning them to anyone within your network.
  • View your Job Safety Analysis or Safe Work Procedure and see who has been trained in an instant.
  • View hazards on site and the controls in place.
  • See who is on site at any given time.
  • View the safety data sheets and the medical procedures required so that you can take immediate action.
  • See who the First Aider is on site and call them immediately straight from the App.
  • Communicate directly and instantly to anyone on site in the event of an emergency.

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