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Automate Site-Specific Safety Plans (SSSP)
Our comprehensive Site Management and Health & Safety platform, can now provide your client or teams with a living and breathing Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) in a few clicks. 

Watch the short video below to see our great new functionality:

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Automate this once time-consuming process with the data that is already in your SiteConnect system. 

SiteConnect provides a real-time view of all components of a site-specific safety plan attached to a specific site.

Quickly respond to new bids and tenders by creating a safety plan and then snapshot the necessary parts of the latest version for audits and compliance requests during your project’s lifecycle.  

  • Access your SSSP Anytime, Anywhere: The SiteConnect SSSP functionality gives you the ability to extract, export, print, email, or download a Site Specific Safety Plan at any job stage.
  • Management of Sites & Partner Network: The SiteConnect platform allows you to create, clone, and manage your sites and partner network.
  • Saves Time: SiteConnect saves enormous amounts of time by generating site-specific information at a click of a button.
  • Total Site Messaging: Send follow-up notifications, SMS, and messages for expired documents or outstanding tasks.

Anyone who may need this vital data can then use the collected SSSP information to improve health & safety compliance across operational sites reducing the personal liability risk to all business stakeholders, owners, and employees.