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Wake up call for all of New Zealand with respect to Health & Safety

Update on Whakaari/White Island Tragedy: Take it seriously and have a comprehensive plan or pay the price when things go wrong. On 30 November 2020, it was..

Communication! How essential is it?

The HSWA 2015 was designed to get everyone communicating so that we can all go home safely to our families at the end of each working day.  Are we communicating..

Is your staff training up-to-date?

Are your staff trained to a standard that keeps you compliant with the HSWA 2015? Training your staff is one of the essential components of your Health & Safety..

Be Compliant - Order your Vehicle Safety Kits

Are your vehicles compliant?Do you have first aid kits and fire extinguishers in your vehicles?If not, here is a great package for you from Oceania Medical...

Is silica dust the new asbestos?

Are you continuously improving your health & safety systems? Have you recently thought about silica dust in the workplace and the dangers of inhaling silica..

The importance of Government QR tracing code

We have been receiving enquires in relation to whether or not you are required to display the Government QR Tracing Code as well as signing in with the..