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7 Ways to Improve Workplace Health & Safety

Businesses are now leaning on the power of technology more than ever. It's fast, reliable and many argue it's the future that we can't avoid. Information Technology is constantly evolving, making our lives easier and businesses run smoother. It's no surprise that businesses are now turning to new technologies to keep their employees safe whilst at work.

Download our infographic on 7 Ways to Improve Workplace Health & Safety with a Digital Solution to learn how digital solutions are literally saving businesses like yours thousands of dollars in hidden costs.

Download our 7 Ways Infographic

  1. Higher Engagement
    Mobile apps are prevalent in this digital age. On average, adults in New Zealand spend 3 ½ hours per day on their mobile phones. Now that devices are such a familiar asset in our every-day lives, it makes sense to equip your workforce with the tools to keep them safe at work. All of this data is then recorded securely in the cloud, available to prove your compliance when you need it the most—enabling the employer to meet their responsibilities under the Health & Safety Work Act (HSWA 2015). 
  2. Reporting & Data Analytics
    Companies with access to reports and analytical insights into key areas within a business are more productive and act based on data-driven decisions rather than instinct. Having this information readily available in a Health & Safety software system gives a company the ability to see how, where, and when incidents happen. A plan can then be created to mitigate risk preventing serious harm and property damage. 
  3. Sign In / Out Records
    Having access to on-site digital records and seeing across all of your active sites in one go from one location gives you the person conducting business more visibility than ever into the following:
    - Who is at your place of business or site?
    - What time they arrived and left?
    - Which company?
    - What qualifications are they carrying to complete tasks they are conducting. 
    Traditionally this process required a fair amount of engagement from your staff and contractors. Utilising a Health & Safety software system to replace your manual methods is a far more cost-effective, secure, and reliable way to stay compliant with the HSWA 2015. 
  4. Save Time
    The HSWA of 2015 states that all workplace workers must contribute and comply with health & safety. An app that directly links to your on-site Health & Safety records means that all workers can; contribute to risk management, identify hazards, and report incidents/near misses as they happen. Engaging workers to convey through an app is proven to have a greater uptake than traditional manual systems and allows you to be on top of what is happening in your workplace. 
  5. Information at your Fingertips (literally)
    A survey which was conducted by WorkMobile found that 37% of staff think manuals and employee handbooks could be digitalised to make them easier to access and read. Adopting a Health & Safety software system makes it easier than ever for your employers and workers to utilise your most important documentation when they need it the most. Instant access to a safety data sheet with all the medical instructions at their fingertips could potentially save a life.
  6. Greater Communication
    A site’s most significant danger is a lack of communication. We created mobile phones for communication, so it makes sense that they are used to bring your team together, keeping them safe. App-based systems bring many communication features together in one platform.  Giving your workers the ability to: 
    - Record Toolbox Talks
    - Instantly report an incident or near-miss
    - Know what hazards are on-site
    - Provide information on how your workers can carry out tasks safely
    - What the potential risks are of carrying out that task 
  7. One Source of Truth
    Creating one source of truth by reducing the number of paper documents on-site means that all information is stored in one place rather than across many folders. Having an app and web-based system with multi-functionality will significantly benefit your whole team, simplifying the Health & Safety process. Giving you the peace of mind that you are remaining compliant with the HSWA 2015.