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  • 4 Steps to a Safer Site - Roadmap to Workplace Safety
4 Steps to a Safer Site - Roadmap to Workplace Safety

Do you catch yourself thinking that the road to having a safer site is congested and overwhelming? 

See our infographic on four ways you can make your site safer using a digital solution.

Download our Roadmap Site Safety Infographic

  1. Inductions & Pre-Qualifications
    Using a digital solution means that you can identify instantly if an employee, worker or contractor has been inducted to your site and that their contractor pre-qualification information is up-to-date keeping you compliant with the HSWA 2015.

  2. Hazard & Risk Management
    In this modern age of technology using a mobile app means any employee, worker or contractor working on your site can have instant access to the hazards and hazardous substances on your site along with the controls and safety data sheets substantially reducing the risk of injury or property damage.

  3. Incident Reporting
    Imagine how much easier life would be if your employees, workers or contractors could log on to their mobile app and report an incident, injury or near-miss anytime and anywhere. This will give you instant, important information and feedback allowing you to act immediately if required to prevent further harm or injury.

  4. Communication

    Are your employees, workers or contractors carrying out pre-start meetings or toolbox talks? Don’t know. Then get them on the mobile app and you can instantly ensure that these very important meetings are being carried out and who attended. You can even see what they have talked about or provide them with the templates for the discussions that are essential to your site.